Initial Speech and Language Consultations:
A consultation allows us to determine the need for therapy in one hour of both informal and limited formal testing, followed by a brief written report (1-2 pages). At the conclusion of a consultation, together we will make a decision about whether more testing and/or intervention would be beneficial.

Speech and Language Therapy Sessions:
A  50-minute or 30-minute session of direct one-on-one client therapy. Parents and/or caregivers may participate in sessions.

Speech and Language Evaluations:
Speech and language evaluations involve the use of clinical observations and standardized tests specific to the area(s) of need. A written report will be provided based on the assessment including goals and recommendations.

Social Communication Groups:
Children can be paired or grouped to address goals related to social communication and peer interactions. The speech-language pathologist facilitates the group to support the learning and application of social skills.


Pediatric Speech Therapy Services With Piera

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